Terms and Conditions

Contract: a signed contract of the terms and conditions required when booking the event


By completing this form and returning it to Icon Brides/Icon Pro Creatives, you are accepting Icon’s offer to provide the requested makeup/beauty services (“the services”) and entering into a legal binding contract with Icon to provide this on the requested date (“the date”). This applies whether you are booking by post, online, booking over the telephone, or booking in person with one of Icon’s consultants.

Payment and Deposit

A booking fee of £20 is required to secure your wedding/event date. This is payable at the time of making your booking and must be returned along with your booking form. Our preferred method of payment is by cheque or Bacs payment. In the event that you fail to pay your booking fee, Icon may at its discretion, refuse to accept the booking and will advise you in due course. Trial fees are payable via invoice 14 days prior to your trial/consultation dates. Wedding Day fees/Event Fees are payable via invoice 14 days prior to Wedding/event date.


Attached to your covering letter you will find your invoices according to what is requested on your booking form.

Returned Cheques

For any cheques that are re-turned un-paid, a fee of £25 will apply, in addition to bank charges incurred. In the event of a returned cheque the event date will no longer be secure until payment has been received

Cancellation Made by the client

In the event of cancellation by the client, at least 2 months notice is required. Notice of less that 2 months will incur a cancellation charge of 50% of outstanding balance that was due to be paid prior to Wedding/event. If cancellation occurs prior to 2 months notice 50% of the deposit will be returned to the client. The cancellation must be in writing.

Cancellation made by Icon

In the event that a member of the Icon team are unable to make the booking due to illness or any personal emergency, we will endeavour to find a replacement artist that we highly recommend. Cancellation by Icon prior to your wedding/event day Icon will refund in full.

Date Changes

If your circumstances change and your wish to reschedule your date, we will require at least 2 months written notice. We cannot however promise that we can move the booking if you change the day due to other weddings/events. The deposit is non-refundable, If trials have already taken place this is also non refundable.


Icon will design a exclusive and tailored look as agreed by the client and all details will be recording on a personalised design file note, which must be signed off by the client as a true and accurate summary of services/design required. If you require any particular brand of makeup or any particular artist, this must be stipulated at the time of making your booking. Icon will endeavour to contact you within a reasonable period of time before the date to check all details and requirements. Icon reserves the right to supply an alternative artist in the event that the request artist is not available

On Location/Travel Expenses

On the day of the event, the services will be conducted at the clients reqested location. Travel expenses are payable after the first 20 miles, then mileage costs are 50 pence per mile thereafter. The mileage figure is doubled to reflect the return journey. Mileage costs are worked and calculated by a Satellite Navigation system using the location post code: This will be added onto your final bill.

Parking Fee

Where a parking fee is incurred, the cost of this will be included in the final bill

Bank Holiday Surcharges

There will be a £20 surcharge for any booking that fall on a Sunday or Bank Holidays. This will be added onto your final invoice

Early Starts

Any appointment starting before 8am, including travelling time, there will be a surcharge of £20. This will be added onto your final invoice

Circumstances beyond Our Control

Icon cannot be held responsible for public transport, private vehicle break down, road and traffic conditions, local incidents, train cancellations, adverse weather conditions, unscheduled road works and unforeseen bottlenecks that may conspire to delay an artist. The company will do its best to inform and keep up to date the client on the situation and advise the client of a revised estimated time of arrival. Should the delay be unavoidable, the company will endeavour to allocate another artist or even a sub-contractor supplier to the venue. In the unlikely that the Artist is unable to arrive at all a full refund will be payable.


If major alterations are required by the client contrary of what is recorded on the client design file note, there will be a surcharge for design of between £20 to £50 depending on the nature of re-design required. This will be added onto your final invoice.

Short Notice Bookings

Bookings made 4 weeks prior to the event must be paid for in full at the time of booking. In the event that this booking is cancelled by the client no refund will be given.

Assistant Fee’s

If there are 5 or more individuals for the booking that require services on the day of the event, then an assistant to the Artists will be required. This will be charged at a flat rate of £40

Allergies, Adverse Reactions or Illness

You must inform Icon (or the relevant artist) as soon a possible (and preferably at the time of booking) if you are aware of any skin allergy or other allergy or adverse reaction you may have (or have had in the past) to any particular makeup, cosmetic or hair product brand or such substances that you are aware of. Icon will not be responsible or liable for any reaction or harm you may suffer resulting from the application or use of any makeup or other cosmetic substances in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, unless first advised by the client.


You must inform Icon if you are suffering from any illness or infection that my be contagious or affect the use of any makeup or cosmetic products. In the event that you are suffering from a contagious illness on the relevant date, and/or cancel the appointment, Icon shall be at liberty to cancel the agreement without penalty and demand the full fee.


Icon requests that animals are kept away from the working area. Young children must be supervised by an adult and are not the responsibility of Icon. This is due to chemicals and products that my cause harm or irritation.

Feedback Forms

Soon after your event you will receive a feedback form from Icon, this in important to Icon as we do ask all clients to take 5 minutes to complete this. All feedback positive or negative is important as it helps Icon to strive of continual improvement and ensures that we deliver a high quality and reliable service at all times.